Sweet Spicy Curry Chicken Salad

If you are looking for something different for sandwich filling, try this one.  The recipe can also help save on calories if you use light mayonnaise and boil or steam the chicken.


1. Depending on how many you need to feed, use 3 - 4 chicken breasts and lightly fry or boil the meat.

2. After the meat is cooked, put in a food processor and lightly mix in mayonnaise, curry powder, mango chutney, salt & pepper. You will need to adjust the taste as you like it - especially for the curry powder & mango chutney.

3. Remove from the food processor and mix in  raisins. Not too many, just enough to add flavor. You can also add a few chopped walnuts to really dress up  this recipe.

For the bread, I made these rolls. If you are going to use the rolls for sandwiches, I wouldn't add dried fruits.

Lunch is on!
I found this brand in a local store - not sure
what will be in your supermarket

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