Quick Delicious Mini Chip Scones

Some of the recipes that I have posted on the site are complicated and some are easy. This is one of the easy ones -- super easy and fast.

I've added mini chocolate chips and candied orange peel to this recipe. Both of these add just the right amount of zing to make a good scone  a great one.

Feel free to substitute your favorite dried fruit or nuts for the chips or orange peel.

Makes 8 -10 pieces

150 grams flour
50 grams bread flour
10 grams baking powder
50 grams butter
1 egg
60 grams plain yogurt
8 grams sugar
40 grams chocolate chips
50 grams candied orange peel

1. In a bowl, sift the flours and baking powder. Cut the butter into small cubes and mix into the flour with a bench scraper or use your fingers to thoroughly mix the butter.
2. Add in the egg, sugar and yogurt. Use the bench scraper to mix everything together well. Add in the chocolate chips and candied orange peel. Mix.
3. Roll into a ball and cover with plastic. Put in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before using.

4.  Split the dough in half. Flatten one piece of dough on a smooth surface to about 5 cm high. Use a round cutter and cut pieces of dough. Cut the other half of dough next.
4. Put cut pieces on a baking pan and brush each with milk before baking.
5. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 18 minutes.
6. The recipe should make 8 - 10 pieces depending how thick you roll out the dough.


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