Sweet Caramelized Rice Pudding

This recipe is a variation of traditional rice pudding. The extra added taste is caramel.  Since it looks a bit fancier than other rice pudding which is cooked in a big dish, this can easily be served on fancy dessert dishes.

Usually in rice pudding recipes we use leftover rice which has been in the refrigerator. Well, if you want a tasty dish cook fresh rice :)

Here you go for the recipe.

Makes enough for 6 ramekins

120 grams uncooked rice
500 grams milk
1 vanilla bean
zest of 1 orange
50 grams sugar
30 grams butter
25 grams raisins
2 egg yolks

Pour the caramel into each baking dish
100 grams sugar
30 grams water

1. Clean the 6 ramekins before making the caramel and be ready to fill them once the caramel is ready.
2. To make the caramel, combine the sugar and water into a sauce pan and heat until the sugar water is melted and starts to turn a light brown. Remove from the heat quickly after the sugar turns brown since it will burn very quickly.
3. Pour the hot caramel into the 6 ramekins evenly.

Rice Pudding

1. Boil the rice in 2 cups of water and cook until just softened. Strain to remove the water.
2. Boil the milk in large flat fry frying pan and add the inside of the vanilla bean (slice the vanilla bean down the center and remove the black filling and add to the milk) and add the orange zest and sugar. Add the cooked rice to the milk and lower the temperature to medium heat and stir until the liquid is reduced.
3. Put in a bowl and mix in the butter with a spatula then add the egg yolks and raisins. Pour evenly into each ramekin. Place all of the ramekins in baking pan filled 1/3 with hot water. Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 - 30 minutes until lightly browned on top.
4.  When you remove the baking dishes from the oven, cool in a pan of ice water for about 10 minutes then turn each each piece upside down onto a serving dish.

Add the raisins to the rice and milk mixture
These desserts look nice enough to stand on their own

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